Displaying the Routing Table

netstat -nr

Displaying Interface Statistics

netstat -i

Displaying Connections

netstat -ta

Listing all the LISTENING Ports of TCP and UDP connections

netstat -a | more

Listing TCP Ports connections

netstat -at

Listing UDP Ports connections

netstat -au

Listing all LISTENING Connections

netstat -l

Listing all TCP Listening Ports

netstat -lt

Listing all UDP Listening Ports

netstat -lu

Listing all UNIX Listening Ports

netstat -lx

Showing Statistics by Protocol

netstat -s

Showing Statistics by TCP Protocol

netstat -st

Showing Statistics by UDP Protocol

netstat -su

Displaying Service name with PID

netstat -tp

Displaying Promiscuous Mode

netstat -ac 5 | grep tcp

Displaying Kernel IP routing

netstat -r

Showing Network Interface Transactions

netstat -i

Showing Kernel Interface Table

netstat -ie

Displaying IPv4 and IPv6 Information

netstat -g

Print netstat Information Continuously

netstat -c

Finding non supportive Address

netstat --verbose

Finding Listening Programs

netstat -ap | grep http

Displaying RAW Network Statistics

netstat --statistics --raw
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